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stand out from the crowd

Transform your ideas into valuable assets and scale your business. In today's crowded marketplace, having expertise isn't enough. You need a strategic plan that includes content creation, marketing strategies, and audience engagement to transform your knowledge into a steady stream of opportunities, leading to increased revenue and business growth. Imagine the relief of knowing you have a clear path to success, backed by a proven system.

Why you're here

You're an expert

You have a wealth of knowledge, ready to be transformed into profitable ventures through tailored strategies.

You're stuck or confused

You're struggling to scale your business and need a comprehensive plan to achieve your goals, envisioning a future where your hard work pays off.

You're seeking growth

You want to turn your expertise into profitable assets like online courses, coaching programs, and published books, ensuring long-term success and the fulfillment of your aspirations.

That's where I can help you

As the founder of a successful publishing and book marketing company, I've helped countless business owners like you harness the power of The Asset Path® – a proven system that includes developing content, marketing it effectively, and building a loyal audience to turn your brilliance into sustainable growth. You'll be able to turn your ideas into reality, with a trusted partner by your side.

Through our playbooks such as the Thought Leadership Canvas® and the Book Strategy Canvas, we guide you step-by-step to create Minimum Valuable Assets® like books, webinars, and courses. You’ll grow your thought leadership through targeted asset creation strategies and cultivate a loyal network of fans, leading to increased credibility and a stronger market presence. Your influence will grow, and you'll be supported every step of the way.

No more writing books that nobody reads or selling products that nobody buys. Instead, you'll position yourself as the go-to expert in your field by leveraging strategic book publishing (including writing, editing, and marketing services) to establish unshakable credibility and authority. You'll be attracting more clients and opportunities, and finally achieving the success you've dreamt of. Our proven methods have helped many others achieve their goals, and we can help you too. Sounds good?

How we help you

scale with your assets, not your time

Write, publish and promote a series of short valuable books to capture your intellectual perspective, grow your influence and scale your business.

1. Capture Your IP

Your Intellectual Property (or Intellectual Perspective as I prefer to call it) needs to be organised, codified, and protected as soon as possible. Keeping it in your head is like hiding money under the bed. Our first task is to uncover your hidden assets and name and claim them.

2. Publish Short Valuable Books

Then you need to write and publish a series of short valuable books that solve a sequence of problems for your preferred clients. Your books should not only educate but also inspire people to do business with you. These are your credibility clues.

3. Scale Your Business

Then you need to use these assets, your books, as part of marketing flows and tactics. Taking advantage of the enhanced authority to reach wider audiences, get more clients and grow your business.

Here’s what people are saying about working with Debbie Jenkins & the team

''It has been a fantastic experience working with Debs on my upcoming book. Definitely recommend her and certainly look forward to working with her again in the future.''

Callum Laing

The founder of Veblen Director Program |  Entrepreneur |  Investor |  Author of Boardroom Blueprint

''Debs is one of my favourite coaches.If you want to write a book or have been struggling to finish one Debs is the person I'd seek out. For these reasons I can thoroughly recommend her.''

Jane Frankland

Author | Speaker | Award-Winning Security Leader |UN Women UK Delegate to the UN CSW | Recognised by Wiki & UNESCO

''Debs is an incredibly gifted author and business mentor. Her knowledge is broad and deep which makes every interaction not just a pleasure but a constructive step forward.''

Gareth Helm

NED & Executive Coach | Interim and Fractional CMO |  Author of The Marketing Leader's CODE

I've been in your shoes

As an electronics engineer who started my first business in 1996, I too struggled to turn my expertise into a thriving, sustainable enterprise. I went through the ups and downs: great ideas that I never capitalised on (ask me about InstantAssistant), books that I failed to write, and chaotic systems that threatened to break the business. I understand the frustration and stress you feel.

Then I discovered the power of The Asset Path. This system includes strategic asset creation, effective marketing, and audience engagement, allowing me to break free from the endless cycle of writing books that I never marketed, start-and-stop business strategies that meant I was 'pivoting' every few years, chasing leads because we needed cashflow and then working 16 hour days because we had too many clients.

I used my engineering skills to create a system that works, leading to consistent growth and stability. There's a huge relief and joy seeing your hard work finally pay off, knowing you have a reliable system in place.

Yes, that's me on the right. Pretending to be an engineer. We didn't even have the 'scope plugged in!

Here's what your peers think...

''I have been working with Debs for over 12 months and can honestly say that I couldn’t have written my book without her. She has been an absolute inspiration and has a wealth of experience, creativity and advice, which she has shared generously.''

Estelle Read 
Best Selling Author & Executive Coach
 Optimising Leaders’ Brilliance

''I thoroughly enjoyed working with Debs as my book coach. She was professional, articulate and focussed, providing me with the necessary motivation and support throughout the book writing process. I hope to work with Debs again on my next book.''

David Guile
Award winning Author,Executive Chairman &
Non Executive Director

''Debs is an amazing book coach and it was a pleasure working with her to plan my first book! She has an uncanny ability to take all your thoughts out of your head and structure them in a way that not only makes sense but gives you the confidence you have a great book!''

Justice Williams MBE 
Co-Founder & Editor in Chief at Black Business Magazine,
& Multi-Award Winning Personal Brand Expert

It doesn't have to be so hard

As the founder of a publishing and book marketing company, I'm on a mission to help other consultants, coaches, and expert business owners do the same. With the right tools, techniques, and support, including detailed playbooks and personalised coaching, you can stop creating liabilities and start creating assets that will help you achieve your wildest dreams. From the Book Marketing Canvas to the Authentic AI Canvas, my team and I are here to provide the frameworks, playbooks, and personalised coaching you need to make your expertise shine and see tangible results. Relax, you're in good (very small) hands.

I'm Debbie Jenkins

For nearly thirty years, I've been helping expertise-based business owners – consultants, coaches, trainers, authors, speakers – grow their businesses by creating valuable assets. We've developed websites, apps, speeches, courses, training materials, and business books (lots of business books!) Through hard-won experience, I've learned that we grow best when we scale with our assets, not our time. This approach ensures sustainable growth and success. Let me help you do the same, so you achieve your goals with less stress and more joy.

I know, through hard-won experience, that we grow our businesses best when we scale with our assets, not our time. Everything I do is in service to helping smart people create assets for their businesses. Let me help you.

Founder & Chief Chaos Constrainer

You're in good compnay

''Debbie Jenkins did miracles. She was able to put herself into my head and help me transform my dream into a project, and then into a book that will be released by a well known publisher. I would recommend Debs anytime, to anyone- but only to really nice people since she is such a caring and committed person.''

Martina Muttke

Global Medical Affairs Executive | Senior Adviser Pharma & Biotech | Managing Director

''What a lovely woman Debs is! An

absolute delight to work with. Debs is so knowledgeable on book writing, she is a book magician! - you give her lots of words and she can advise on how to turn them into a book structure! I highly recommend working with her.''

Philippa Charrier
Director at FAT Properties | Bestselling Author | Podcast Host | Dedicated to transforming student wellbeing 

Get the books that will help you scale with your assets, not your time

Get the books to scale with your assets not your time