Break through the barriers holding you back and unlock your potential to reach new clients and grow your business by writing and publishing a business-growing book.

You can't influence your industry and make a significant difference with all your ideas stuck in your head. Let us help you transform those thoughts into a powerful asset that can elevate your professional profile and expand your business reach – your own business book.

The Business Book Edit

I will meticulously review your manuscript for clarity, coherence and business impact. I'll work with you until you're happy about your direction.

Personal attention from Debbie

Effectively turn your ideas into a polished book that boosts your credibility, leads to more speaking engagements, media appearances, and business opportunities.

Write & publish as a cohort

Join a small, adaptable, and effective cohort group designed to meet your unique needs. Our cohort groups are limited to a small number of participants to ensure personalized attention.

How we can help you get your business growing book written

Stuck at the final writing stages?
Not sure if what you've written is good enough?
Don't know what to do next?

Get your 1:1 Book Strategy Canvas & "The Business" Edit

Book Strategy Canvas & "The Business" Edit

Are you ready to transform your expertise into a powerful business asset? I'm inviting you to a full Business Book Strategy Canvas™ session, designed to crystallise your vision into a compelling book that helps you grow your business.

In the first ninety minutes, we'll collaborate to fill out your personalised canvas, a tool that will guide you through:

  • Identifying the job your book has: Discover what job your book will do to grow your business. Will it attract more clients, establish thought leadership, or something else entirely?
  • Unearthing your big, red Playdough idea: Pinpoint the unique insight or solution you'll offer, setting your book apart from the rest.
  • Understanding your audience: Define precisely who you are writing for and the specific pain points you're addressing - bleeding neck or weeping wound - ensuring your book resonates and provides value.
  • Overcoming obstacles: Recognise potential hurdles in your book-writing journey and strategise on how to overcome them efficiently.

By the end of our session, you'll have a clear roadmap tailored to leveraging your book as a strategic asset for business growth. This is more than just an outline; it's a vision for how your book will fit into and elevate your overall business strategy.

I'll review and feedback on any writing you have already accomplished (your manuscript or writing ideas) with your business strategy in mind - this is called The Business Edit.

Then we'll have a follow up call to discuss your next steps.

You receive:

  1. A 90 minute Business Book Strategy Canvas session
  2. Professional feedback on your manuscript or writing with your business objectives in mind
  3. A 60 minute follow up session to decide on next steps

Investment: 1,500 euros

Book your first session risk-free. If you’re not satisfied after the initial session, we’ll refund your fee.

Personal attention from Debbie Jenkins with the Expert Author Sprint Mentorship

My proven process involves structured sessions that cover everything from idea development to final publication. You'll receive personalized coaching on crafting a compelling book, understanding market trends, and navigating the publishing industry. I've helped clients get published with major publishers, self-publish and publish with us. (I offer a satisfaction guarantee – if you’re not satisfied with the progress after the first month, you can cancel and receive a partial refund.)

We start with two 2-hour sessions to go through the Book Strategy Canvas (to make sure your book will do the job you want it to), then the Thought Leadership Canvas (what should go in the book, create the working outline & writing outline). You’d then go away and write (either your pitch for traditional publishing and/or your book), with my feedback for course correction. We’d meet as necessary, up to 10 hours in total session time, with unlimited email responses. I'll keep you accountable. All our calls will be recorded for future reference. Whether you decide to self-publish, look for a traditional publisher, or publish with us, this three-month intensive will get you closer to your outcome. (All sessions come with a satisfaction guarantee – if you’re not happy with the progress, we’ll make it right.)

Price on application, from 6,500 euros.

Our initial call is free and comes with no obligation. Discover how we can help you without any risk.

Wondering how to get your book written?
Confused by all the publishing options & jargon?
Not sure where to start?

Get personal attention from Debbie to make sure your book gets written & published

Prefer to be part of an accountability group?
Looking for peers to join you on the writing & publishing journey?
Ready to have fun & get your book written?

Join a cohort, get published within the year!

Join a writing & publishing cohort - we start a new cohort just 3 times per year - get on the waiting list

Experience the joy of writing and publishing with a group of like-minded peers. Our cohort publishing packages include the whole proven process plus peer support.

Our proven process includes initial planning, strategic writing, continuous feedback, and targeted marketing, ensuring your book achieves its maximum potential. (We offer a satisfaction guarantee – follow our process, and if you’re not satisfied, we’ll work with you until you are.)

A well-written business book showcases your expertise, establishes you as a thought leader, and opens doors to new opportunities such as speaking engagements and consulting offers. (Our clients have experienced significant career growth and opportunities after publishing their books.)

You'll get your business book in your hands within a year of joining a cohort. We open up places three times per year.

Write a business book that is read & referred, searched for and shared... then do it again!

I wrote this book for you...

When you’re trying to reach your target audience effectively, nothing beats a well-written business book. But it’s also tough to get right.
Poorly written business books litter the virtual bookshelves.

Your book needs to be so interesting the reader devours it, and then wants the next one. 

Learn how to accomplish your author brand-building goals and create an outstanding book that is virtually guaranteed to be picked up, and read.

Take our assessment to understand the benefits of writing a business book and how it can elevate your professional profile.

As SEEN in:

There's a proven process & order that will get you there fast & efficiently

Don't waste your time writing the wrong book, waiting for the right time, or only marketing at launch. Let us help you capitalise on your book idea from the start.

A business book is your best asset and credibility clue

Our Assisted Publishing Route

With Intellectual Perspective Press you have a creatively helpful publisher on your side. Formed in 2022, this is my second publishing company, but this time it's all about you. Our assisted self-publishing option is only open to ExpertAuthor.Academy Cohort members or by application at

We publish only 15 titles per year so we can dedicate our time and experience to your book. It really helps if you've been referred. 

Click to see a video about your publishing options...

You're in great company

''Debs absolutely ticks every box of the warmth + competence = charisma equation. If you have any idea that you think could be turned into a book then get on a call to her now.''

David Pullan

Lead Alchemist & Story Spotter

''It was fantastic being in Debs’ first book-writing cohort. She has so much knowledge of all the techie stuff and what works for creating a good business book.''

Judy Barber

Author of The Slow Coach Approach

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Get the books to scale with your assets not your time