Scale with your assets,

not your time

I have learnt this lesson multiple times over the years, now I know when you create assets for your business it grows...

Turn your Ideas into Assets

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45 minutes of effective content, book outlining & writing tactics, coupled with sales strategy - ideal for coaches, consultants, course creators and expert business owners. In the Ideas into Assets, Wednesday sessions, I'll be covering topics such as:

  • Identifying a compelling, unique topic.
  • Finding the time to write.
  • Structuring the book effectively.
  • Using your book to grow your business before you've even written it.
  • Overcoming writer's block, imposter syndrome and author's FOMO.
  • Doing thorough research without getting overwhelmed.
  • Choosing between traditional, hybrid, self-publishing and cohort options.
  • Navigating the publishing process.
  • Marketing and promoting the book effectively.
  • Strategies for moving your book to grow your business.
  • Securing endorsements and reviews.
  • Handling criticism and negative reviews.

Join us for business growing tactics using your book! When you click on the link you'll be invited to join our platform (The Asset Creators Academy). You'll be able to watch previous recordings, discuss with peers, ask me questions. I'll send you a reminder of the topic and your invitation to the discussion. All for free!

Investment: Just your time - I give you mine for free

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We all need a little help and support from time to time. Our books won't sell themselves. 

Get your book written and keep it working for you with our open cohort. Do it yourself with expert guidance.

You may join our at any time. This is our self-service membership site, an open cohort, where you get access to all the content, courses and checklists my one-to-one clients receive. This will take you through the exact process and system I use with all my writing clients, that has helped over 140 authors get their book(s) written. You also get regular and frequent group coaching calls and accountability. And you’ll be encouraged to use your book assets, develop marketing plans, take action on book marketing tactics. Once per quarter we do a full Book Marketing Strategy Canvas session, where we set goals and plans for using your book assets for the following quarter. You’ll get book marketing playbooks and swipe files.

It doesn't have to be so hard. Stop selling the book.
Sell the transformation.

I wrote this book for you...

You've poured your heart and soul into crafting your masterpiece. Each word, a testament to sleepless nights and endless cups of coffee. But here's the twist: writing was just the beginning.

Ever felt that pang of disappointment? That sinking feeling when your book, your brainchild, sits unnoticed? You're not alone. Many authors, just like you, dream of readers magically discovering their work. Others? They're too scared to even whisper about their creation, fearing they'll sound like a broken record.

As SEEN in:

Creating Minimum Valuable Assets will stop you getting caught up in creation

We don't need to create perfect assets - we create assets that are desirable, quickly. Test them and get feedback. Iterate on the process.

You're in great company

''I have worked with a variety of coaches over the years and I am an executive advisor and coach myself, so the bar is high for whom I consider to be an excellent coach. Debs exceeds my expectations.''

Joanne Irving, Ph.D

Author / Executive Advisor / Board Director

''Debs acted as a booksmith, coaching us in writing a co-authored book. She helped us with the pitch and mock up chapters and within months we had a book deal."

Kristof Braekeleire
Author - Founder of Visual Senseformers

Get the books that will help you scale with your assets, not your time

Get the books to scale with your assets not your time