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I’d been writing a book for 5 years until I found Debs. Or I should say I’d been rewriting a book for 5 years until I met Debs. Debs really helped get the structure of the book right and more importantly knew what we wanted to achieve with it from a marketing perspective. She took the time to really understand my “voice” and our business. We have run a very successful training company for the last 18 years so I initially didn’t think we needed someone like Debs. However Debs' knowledge of getting things published has been invaluable.

I often look for two things from testimonials, would I use the company again and would I recommend them to other people. So would I use Debs' services again? I already am. Would I recommend her services? No... She is too good at what she does and we need her for our next project so go and find your own marketing genius.

Simon Bowkett

Trainer, Coach, Author of Words That Sell Cars, Symco Training Ltd

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