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Thank for taking the time to fill in the short quiz, I hope the questions were as informative as the results! Talking about results, your answers suggest that right now you'd be better off waiting a while to write your book.

It looks like you’re not quite ready to dive into writing a book just yet.

Your current business needs and resources might not align with the commitment required to write and publish a book at this moment. That’s perfectly okay! Focus on growing your business and building a solid foundation first.

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Learn to grow with your assets, not your time.

Debbie Jenkins

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45 minutes of effective content, book outlining & writing tactics, coupled with sales strategy - ideal for coaches, consultants, course creators and expert business owners. In the Ideas into Assets, Wednesday sessions, I'll be covering topics such as:

  • Identifying a compelling, unique topic.
  • Finding the time to write.
  • Structuring the book effectively.
  • Using your book to grow your business before you've even written it.
  • Overcoming writer's block, imposter syndrome and author's FOMO.
  • Doing thorough research without getting overwhelmed.
  • Choosing between traditional, hybrid, self-publishing and cohort options.
  • Navigating the publishing process.
  • Marketing and promoting the book effectively.
  • Strategies for moving your book to grow your business.
  • Securing endorsements and reviews.
  • Handling criticism and negative reviews.

Join us for business growing tactics using your book! When you click on the link you'll be invited to join our platform (The Asset Creators Academy). You'll be able to watch previous recordings, discuss with peers, ask me questions. I'll send you a reminder of the topic and your invitation to the discussion. All for free!

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Get the books that will help you scale with your assets, not your time

Get the books to scale with your assets not your time