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Lynne Wivanee Life Coach

Straightforward and to the point

I love your style, it's straightforward and to the point. Strategies work. I trained as a Life Coach and KNOW that all you're saying WORKS. It's all about being focused and you obviously are. Despite my training, I lapse back into my old ways and get in a mess, so thanks for helping to put my head on the 'right' track.


Your newsletters are keeping me going

‘Spank yourself’…just spluttered my water everywhere laughing. Missing you. Your newsletters are keeping me going.

Donna Higton Author

Lesson learned

Lol - love this Debs! I got the Scrivener trial earlier this year. After spending 3 weeks trying to figure out how to use it, I realised I wasn't writing. So I went back to Word. Lesson learned. Love the tales of all the animals - sounds like they keep you on your toes!!

Gaile Griffin Peers

Had me hooked from the start

Excellent article - had me hooked from the start - and I get a lot of articles, sent daily, that I rarely find time to read. Thanks - you might add life-coaching to your resumé, as I think you might have touched a nerve. Love the conversion of a SWOT analysis - very appropriate.


Loaded with wisdom and fun

A newsletter I delight seeing drop into my inbox and read several times. Loaded with wisdom and fun. A weekly bit of Debs provides the motivation and support I need to keep writing.