Everyone is always talking about consuming less (wine, calories & plastic are my big 3) – and I agree – but there are a few things we should consume more of. Here’s my list of 10 to get you started,,,
  1. Good ideas – consume & create is the best combination – acknowledging & learning about other people’s great ideas helps you come up with more of your own.
  2. Excellent food – not more food, excellent food, home cooked with care and attention from… see #3
  3. Local produce – buy locally, you’ll not only eat better but you’ll save the planet (not by yourself of course, though it depends how much you eat, I suppose) and reduce plastic in packaging for shipping. If possible grow your own, you can’t get better than that.
  4. Time with people we love – you never know how much time you have left – so spend more time with people you love. For a fab article on how much time you’ve got left, and how to understand the scarcity of time have a read/look at WaitButWhy.
  5. Laughing with crazy people – remember they might be doing the same.
  6. Quiet time watching or being around animals. Or sniffing animals – my secret pleasure. There’s something about the smell of a warm horse to make you feel… ahhh… Be silent, study the way they move, communicate, and enjoy the present moment.
  7. Handmade items, crafted with skill & passion. “I am an Amazon Prime addict.” The first step for quitting an addiction is to acknowledge it! Buy from friends, from local businesses, from online artisans & recyclers. They’ll thank you for it.
  8. Music. Enough said?
  9. Books. Learn something, loose yourself, be inspired… Books can transform your life, your world or if they’re pants, make great compost material for growing your own plants – see #3.
  10. Kids (not literally!) Spend time around different generations, older, younger… around different types of people, perhaps even those with different points of view. Escape from the echo chambers & recycled information. Speak to kids, they know what’s real.

What else would you add?