Over the last few years I’ve written, co-authored or ghostwritten about 20 books. I’ve also edited and published another 80 books. Here are a few of my own creations for your delectation.

Work in Progress…

All self-help books are bollocks. There I’ve said it. They tell you what you already know. They use fancy analogies and well-thought out metaphors and acronyms, snazzy diagrams and deep research, to tell you what you already know.

Well, this book isn’t like that. It’s not fancy nor well-thought out, I’ve done no research and the diagrams leave a lot to be desired.

Oh yeah, and it’s very sweary.

The Stranger on a Plane

I realised I was having some sort of breakdown when I found myself telling the overweight bloke from Wolverhampton, on the Ryanair flight to Birmingham, who had my name tattooed on his arm, that I was planning on leaving my husband. I think it was at that moment, as the plane descended into the fog of my hometown, that I realised I might have a problem.

As soon as the plane stopped, and before the unfasten your seat-belts sign was unlit, my new-found bestie was on the phone to some poor bint from Dudley shouting, “What’s the name of that brilliant painkiller that you take with a shot of vodka, bab?”

It had been that kind of conversation. A soap opera unfolding for the captive audience.

From anal sex to illegal builds in sunny Spain. From running a business in Dubai to lady-boys in Thailand, this stranger on a plane had turned into my therapist, my estate agent, my drug pusher and if he had his way, my tattoo artist.

And it was my 45th birthday. If I was planning on living till 90 I was exactly at my mid-life.

It’s been described as Shameless, meets Bridget, meets Benidorm (by me). Follow me for a year in a rented farmhouse in Spain, where I completely disrupt everything in my life after a chance encounter with a stranger on a plane. I try out a bit of stoicism, buy a¬†stallion and a unicorn goat, live alone for the first time in my life, save a cat from the top of a 6m pole with the help of a handsome Italian 10 years younger than me, throw myself into a pile of horse poo in a childish temper tantrum, discover that I really like giving blow jobs, lose the most important man in my life and still survive.

Books in print

Going Native in Murcia is now in its third edition. I started writing this book in 2002 when I bought my first house here in Murcia.

To find out more about the book go on over to the NativeSpain.com blog.

You’ll also find a host of my other books on this region in Spain, quite a few ebooks and another print book, Buying Property In Murcia.

For the full list of books about Murcia & Cartagena pop over to the site.

I’m an unashamed foodie. I love food, I love cooking and I love eating. I’ve written two cookery books, both available in print and kindle. One is even bi-lingual – ooerr! Take a look at my Spanish cookery books. If you go over to the website you can get loads of the Spanish recipes for free.

Marketing & Business Books

I cut my teeth on writing and publishing with my brother and our first book, The Gorillas Want Bananas. I love that book, we have to do a new version someday.  You can find a copy of the Gorillas Want Bananas on amazon.

We also wrote a load of other marketing books. And some publishing books. If you want to find out how to get published take a look at my brother’s business over at Rethinkpress.com


DSC_0006Over the years I’ve published a lot of books. My own, with my brother and of course other authors. If you want to get published or learn about why being a published author could be good for your business as well as your bank account get in touch.