I know it’s fashionable to write (or to ‘be writing’, but that’s another story) a business book – everyone is doing it, right? It seems like if you haven’t written a book you won’t have authority, or credibility… you won’t be taken seriously, nor get that seat at the table… nor a hundred other marketing reasons…

Here’s my advice about writing a business book – don’t.

The truth is, you don’t need to write a business book because you already have everything you need to be taken seriously and get that seat at the table.

The thing is, if you’re doing it because everyone else is doing it you won’t have the motivation, staying power, and burning outcome dragging you to the finish line.

Because, the problem is, writing a business book is hard. And to make it worse, most business books are pants. They are either boring “I am good, you are bad” diatribes masquerading as ‘self-help’… or they’re desperately trying to be hip and clever.

But I’ll let you in on a secret – the writing gurus and book-in-a-week people might all be right, but if you’ve never written a book before you’ve no idea how awful the whole process is… and yes it is an awful process.

I deal with business books on a daily basis. I see the problems, meet the resistance, and understand the people who want to write a book.

Here’s my advice: There might be an easier way to signal your authority – stop, for now.

A book might not be the right vehicle to get you where you want to go. It might not get you the outcome you desire (you do have an outcome for the book, right?) It might not help the reader get what they need.

That being said, a book could be the right asset for your business. If you know who you are writing for, their desired need to move from where they are now to where they need to be, your business or personal outcome, and you can dedicate time to getting it done – then, yay! Write that book – and let me help you.

Over the last year, I have had coaching clients get published with Bloomsbury, Pearson, Business Expert Press, and Taylor & Francis. Other coaching clients chose themselves, decided the best route would be to use a hybrid publisher, or they’ve self-published. Each route to publishing is valid and has its own pros and cons.

This year I only have space for 2 new clients. I am very picky and only work with 5 people per year. You get my individual attention. I am committed to helping you get your book written and published. This isn’t a cookie cutter, everyone fits the same mould, book coaching scam. You get me, and I’m lovely… (allegedly!)

I only work 10 months of the year because the #DisasterFarm needs my attention too – and if I don’t take a break who’s going to hand feed the horses juicy carrots and lounge around reading all those books I’ve bought?

Seriously, if you’re smart about it, writing a business book can be one of the best and fastest ways to bulletproof your own personal brand and authority.

The benefits of writing a business book are immense. Not only do you get to share your own stories, tips, and advice with the world, but it also serves as great proof to support your own personal authority.

When you’re trying to reach your target audience effectively, nothing beats a well-written business book. But it’s also tough to get right. Poorly written business books litter the virtual bookshelves. If you’re serious about taking the plunge into book publishing and want to make sure that your message is heard above the noise, I can help you accomplish your author brand–building goals and create an outstanding book that is virtually guaranteed to be picked.

If you are a consultant, coach, mentor, trainer, or small business owner who is thinking of writing a book, I can help you:

  • Work out if a book is the right vehicle for your desired business and personal outcome, and capture your thoughts on the promise for the reader and what needs to be included
  • Get an outline written, and organise your ideas so the writing process is easier (not easy, don’t be fooled)
  • Develop a writing plan, identify the best way of writing that works for YOU, and keep you accountable so you create your book quickly
  • Select the right publishing route so you don’t waste time, and if needed, help you write a book pitch and get an agent

A business book is… not an award… it’s not a trophy… or a sign that you’ve ‘made it’. It’s for people who want to write a BUSINESS BOOK!

Maybe what you really need is a coach to help you write your book? Someone who will guide you through the process, talk honestly with you about what you want out of the book, and help you get it done…

I’m not going to say it will be easy, but let’s at least make it worth your while…

I only take on writing coaching clients who have been referred, are on my contacts list, and I think are a good match. It gets quite personal, it can be cathartic and revelatory, we might discuss things energetically(!) – so we need to be sure I’m the right person to help you.

If you’ve been thinking of writing a book get yourself on a free discovery call – we’ll find out if a book is the right vehicle, if we can work together, and what your next steps should be: https://calendly.com/debsjenkins/30min

If you have a client, colleague or friend in the same boat, do them (and me) a favour and send them the link and tell them to get on a call with me – remember I only take on people who have been referred, so this is the only way they’ll get to work with me: https://calendly.com/debsjenkins/30min

Let me help you work out if you should be writing a business book, and – perhaps more importantly – what to do with it once you’ve done. You do have a plan for marketing your book, don’t you?

I won’t be taking on new writing coaching clients again this year, so if writing a book is right for you let’s start working together now…