In the last week I have almost sold a house in the UK (still negotiating the price), I have almost bought a house in Spain (got a short list), and I have almost written a book.

This morning I almost had a healthy breakfast (but a chocolate biscuit called me), I almost did a 10 minute meditation (an “I want to be free” ear worm put paid to that), I almost cleaned the sheath of my horse (the thought of chocolate biscuit vomit stopped that in it’s tracks) and just before sitting down to write this, I almost went for a shower.

The almost life is plaguing me at the moment. I am starting, but not finishing. I have all the good intentions and don’t follow through. I can see all the stuff I almost did clearly, it wakes me from dreams and stalks me during the day. It makes me forget about all the things I did actually do. Like finish a writing project for a client in Singapore, start a new project with a client in America, learn how to make yoghurt from our goat’s milk, actually write the first book using our almost launched author writing platform, the Agile Author Canvas™.

So, what have you almost done?

Right, that’s me off for a shower. Oh no, a new email pinged in and someone’s just posted a hilarious cat photo on Facebook (that was me, sorry!) That shower will have to wait.

PS: If you’ve almost written a book, or almost put together a book outline then get in touch. I can help you. If you want help to finish writing that book, call me – I’m much better at helping people do their own stuff than I am at doing mine! And if you want to watch me write a book…