I am a ghostwriter and manage to write thousands of words per week for other people. I am a book coach and help motivate others to write thousands of words themselves (with the help of cajoling and a pointy, sharp stick). I am an editor and love telling other writers just how bad their grammar and spelling is! I have actually written loads of my own books (travel, marketing, writing, cooking). But lately when it comes to writing my own stuff I have a problem (well actually quite a few problems).

  1. I never seem to have the time.
  2. I write and then edit myself too quickly.
  3. I don’t get momentum with my writing, sporadically blasting a couple of pages.
  4. I get distracted (horsey photos and recipes for apple pie today).
  5. I worry that people won’t like what I write, or they’ll think it’s crap.
  6. I get caught up in the research and forget to do the writing bit.
  7. I have fun making up titles, subtitles and covers – for weeks!
  8. Of course, I dedicate myself to my clients, so I never have brain power for myself (really, I do).
  9. And loads of other problems too.

In a moment of madness, I have decided to write my next book in full public view. You can sign up to see me write (or not), to watch me plan, organise and structure my book, to read the whole thing (before it goes to edit) and you can tell me what you think, hold me accountable, tell me it’s crap, or just watch silently and laugh.

So, my next book is called No Time for Lust or Wine. I’ve spent weeks thinking that title up (see point 7 above), it’s code name has always been “farts”. I started writing it about one year ago (point 1). Have made millions of notes and read loads of books (point 6), written a few chapters (point 3), edited it and told myself how pants it was (points 2 & 5). If you are interested in watching me struggle then sign up below.

Want to know what it’s about? Pop over here and read all about it.

PS: this is just a draft cover, a real designer will get to work on it later!


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